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2014-12-01 Stable release - Project REI V0.9.1.1

Project REI is a web based software designed to allow rapid creation of data handling interfaces

Able to provide controlled and centralised data handling, Project REI replaces overblown spreadsheets and local databases. Managing inventory, employees, contacts or other kinds of data - fulfilling requirements can be quick and safe.

With the included installer, Project REI can be set up on a webserver within minutes. As an open source application it is also free to use and distribute.

Download Project REI

How does it work? Read on below.

3 steps to a working interface

Define your desired data attributes

Select input fields for data entry

Click together a layout

One Interface - ready to be used

Type/error checking, data lookup, delete/recovery and many more functions available automatically.

Going further

Just creating an interface will allow for basic data manipulation, but Project REI enables much more. Besides standard functions like menus, lists and filters there are access groups, translations, dynamic events and many more features. Project REI is designed to enable immediate use with little effort, but is also extendable, if necessary.


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Download Project REI here.

Frequently asked questions are answered here.

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Project REI is an open source application designed to fulfill different real life requirements in daily business. The public fork - available on this web site - is maintained primarly to give something back to the open source community.
For questions or suggestions, please contact us through our contact form.

Legal Disclosure

Project REI - GPLv3 - (C) 2013, 2014 GVH